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Matterhorn Building       940 SE Madison St Portland, OR 97214
NameSuiteSpace UseSizeDescription
Matterhorn Building#970Production Kitchens1,773 RSF
Matterhorn Building, #970, Production Kitchens, 1,773 RSF
Health-Dept.-Approved Catering Kitchen with Office, for Rent: $30 NNN
Equipped kitchen in the close-in central Eastside, just off the Hawthorne Bridge. Next to the wildly popular Wasabi Sushi!
Pitman Building       1650 SE 3rd Ave, Portland, OR 97214
NameSuiteSpace UseSizeDescription
Pitman Building1660Production Kitchens1,873 RSF
Pitman Building, 1660, Production Kitchens, 1,873 RSF
Fully-Equipped Production Kitchen in Close-In SE for Rent: $30 NNN
Ideal kitchen space for lease, perfect for meal-delivery services, food-truck operators, and caterers. Has a 2nd floor mezzanine space for office use or storage.
Waterman Building       80 SE Madison St, Portland, OR 97214
NameSuiteSpace UseSizeDescription
Waterman Building#120Professional Offices3,341 RSF
Waterman Building, #120, Professional Offices, 3,341 RSF
Spacious Ground-Floor Creative Office Space for Lease! $24 NNN
Coveted 1st-floor daylight office suite in the Waterman, with private entrance, glass-lined conference room, and server closet.
Waterman Building#214Professional Offices515 RSF
Waterman Building, #214, Professional Offices, 515 RSF
Window Office near Hawthorne Bridge, for Rent: $16.50 NNN
Excellent 2nd-floor option with a north-facing window. Monthly rent is $995
Waterman Building#216Professional Offices515 RSF
Waterman Building, #216, Professional Offices, 515 RSF
Window Office near Hawthorne Bridge, for Rent: $16.50 NNN
This 2nd-floor Waterman suite has carpet, lighting, and a window to the north. Monthly rent is $995
Waterman Building#232Professional Offices442 RSF
Waterman Building, #232, Professional Offices, 442 RSF
2nd-Floor Professional Office Suite for Rent: $14.67 NNN
Private, corner suite in the Waterman Building. Monthly rent is $795
Waterman Building#240Professional Offices2,467 RSF
Waterman Building, #240, Professional Offices, 2,467 RSF
Large Window Corner-Office for Rent in the Waterman: $18 NNN
New space with east-facing windows.
Waterman Building#330Professional Offices1,295 RSF
Waterman Building, #330, Professional Offices, 1,295 RSF
Close-In Creative Work Space with Balcony, for Rent: $24 NNN
Features a downtown-facing private deck with views.
Waterman Building#340Professional Offices760 RSF
Waterman Building, #340, Professional Offices, 760 RSF
Modern Tech Office Space with Private Deck/Balcony, for Rent: $24 NNN
Awesome opportunity to lease professional space on the 3rd floor of the Waterman, with 2 glass-lined offices and daylight on both sides of the suite!
Waterman Building#420Professional Offices1,981 RSF
Waterman Building, #420, Professional Offices, 1,981 RSF
Top-floor Professional Office with Balcony, for Rent: $22 NNN
Coveted top-floor suite with north-facing windows, a recessed deck, & city views! Open floor plan built out with 3 private offices, a conference room, and I.T. room.
Mont-Blanc Building       1836 NE 7th Ave., Portland, OR 97212
NameSuiteSpace UseSizeDescription
Mont-Blanc BuildingSuite 110Professional Offices1,538 RSF
Mont-Blanc Building, Suite 110, Professional Offices, 1,538 RSF
New Street-Level Retail/Office Space for Rent: $24 NNN
Ground-floor office/retail suite in the new Mont-Blanc development. Flexible space with exposed timbers, private restroom, and polished concrete floors.
K2 Building       4152 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland, OR 97212
NameSuiteSpace UseSizeDescription
K2 BuildingSuite 2200Professional Offices1,297 RSF
K2 Building, Suite 2200, Professional Offices, 1,297 RSF
Spacious 2nd-Floor Space in the Hollywood District for Rent --- $22 NNN
This desirable space has 3 private offices with windows, an open work area or reception space, plus a kitchen! The K2 Building has on-site parking as well.
Pitman II Building       1430 SE Water Ave, Portland, OR 97214
NameSuiteSpace UseSizeDescription
Pitman II Building#202Professional Offices333 RSF
Pitman II Building, #202, Professional Offices, 333 RSF
Hawthorne Bridge Creative Office Space for Lease: $25 NNN
This 2nd-floor private office features a west-facing deck with a city view! On-site guest parking available.
Haleakalā Building       2816 NE Halsey St, Portland, OR 97232
NameSuiteSpace UseSizeDescription
Haleakalā BuildingApartment Housing850 RSF
Haleakalā Building, , Apartment Housing, 850 RSF
2-Bedroom Apartment for Rent in the Irvington Neighborhood: $1,470 / month
Located 1 block off NE Broadway, adjacent to Fred Meyer. This living situation will provide you with the best of both worlds: the quiet feel of a residential neighborhood, as well as the extreme convenience of having a neighboring city shopping center.

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High-end Office and Retail Leasing

While North Rim develops and leases prime commercial space to a wide diversity of tenants, the company has identified niche markets to whom we're particularly well fitted. Those markets are (1) creative office space users, (2) production / commercial kitchens, (3) retail suites, and (4) light industrial use space. For more information about our spaces for these niche markets, visit one of our niche pages: