North Rim Development Group

North Rim Development Group is responsible for some of the more exciting commercial real estate development projects happening in Portland today. From renovations to new construction projects, our buildings are models for the kind of revitalization that Portlanders want to see going on in our city. We've done a significant number of buildings dedicated to the commercial-kitchen movement here in Portland, catering to our community's foodie culture like no other developer. Our creative office developments vastly improve on the cold office environments of old; ours are large, bright, modern office spaces that facilitate productivity and creativity. And, on the retail front, our ability to provide quality, high-traffic space dovetails with our experience in delivering some of the best, most attractive build-outs in the area. Most of our developments feature amenities like bike-friendliness (lockers, high Bike Scores, and commuter shower facilities), high-speed fiber internet, outdoor areas, and modern design, top to bottom. And, of course, everything we do is eco-friendly. Download the North Rim Development Group Development Projects Book.