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Tenant Improvement Information
Professional Offices

North Rim's professional offices are designed with form and function in mind, plus the health and happiness of the tenant! Our offices are crafted to inspire creativity and encourage productivity. Many offices have high ceilings with exposed wood beams, open floor-plans, industrial-style fixtures and materials, modern-art aesthetic touches, energy-efficient heating & cooling systems, and ADA-compliant access.

Most North Rim professional office buildings have an inviting lobby, often fully furnished! Water features, fireplaces, plants and greenery, and natural daylight are used to bring the outside in, and create an attractive first impression for our guests. Many buildings also have a common conference room, and bicycle-commuter amenities such as secure bike parking, shower facilities, and storage areas.

Please call us to discuss your professional office needs. Every professional office that North Rim designs is tailored to both the space and the user, and costs will vary depending on the type of finishes used and the exact specifications of the build-out requested. North Rim focuses on green building practices and materials, making the health of our tenants a top priority.

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North Rim Partners Business Specialties

  • Leasing and Selling Prime Commercial Triple-Net (NNN) Investment Properties in Portland, Oregon
  • Represetning Cash-Flow Investment Opportunities in Portland
  • Providing Excellent Locations for Successful Businesses
  • Commercial Construction and Development Services

High-end Office and Retail Leasing

While North Rim develops and leases prime commercial space to a wide diversity of tenants, the company has identified niche markets to whom we're particularly well fitted. Those markets are (1) creative office space users, (2) production / commercial kitchens, (3) retail suites, and (4) light industrial use space. For more information about our spaces for these niche markets, visit one of our niche pages: